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Securing Ipadmini 4

I have a new IPad Mini 4 in an Otterbox case. Any ideas on how I can secure it to my wrist or bag?

The case doesn't have a loop where I can wrap a band around it. Thanks, J

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I should have been more specific. I am using it as my only camera while in Europe. My concern is for someone grabbing it out of my hand while I am taking pictures.


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In most cases you will be taking pictures in public places with lots of tourists and many policemen around (both uniformed and plain clothes). Snatching purses or cameras is a rare crime. Pick pockets on crowded buses/subways, although still rare, a more common types of crime.

I understand taking precautions against theft, but there is no need of being paranoid. You are not going to visit a war zone. Europe is a rather safe place, even more so that the US.

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This is going to sound kind of ghetto, but this was my cost-saving solution with my iPhone while in Barcelona earlier this month:

I bought a ring grip for my iPhone and clipped one end of a standard lanyard (like the kind they give you at conferences to wear around your neck) to the ring, and the other end to my bag. Sometimes I would just wrap the lanyard around my hand so people can't easily snatch it without taking me with it.


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There's very little "snatching out of your hand" stuff. Most of it is unintentional inattention. It's easy to distracted and not realize someone is watching you not watch your stuff. I'd recommend a cross-body bag big enough to hold it and then hand or arm on the bag when you're walking and in your lap when you're sitting down. Practice carrying it around before you go so it doesn't look forced.

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Only in very rare cases objects are taken from your very hand. It is much more likely that some form of distraction is exploited. Yesterday a tech was repairing an ATM machine just in front of Florence Cathedral and he put the money tray on the floor. When he realized what he had just done, the tray and the eur 50000 in it had already disappeared.

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Make sure you have Find my iphone/ipad enabled so you can remote lock it (and even find it) should the worst happen.

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I keep my iPad mini in my small messenger bag when I'm not using it. I never thought of securing it. Bigger problem would be dropping it (I did), it was unharmed.

I think you are over-thinking this.