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Search Active Topics by Date?

Is there a way to search for active topics by date? I would like to open up the Forums each morning and see all the topics that were commented yesterday. I realize there is a short list of recent commented topics, but I would like to see all the topics that were commented on yesterday (or the past week, etc). I currently have to go back and forth and choose a category to see what has been commented on recently.

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Yes! Awesome - thanks! I never even noticed that link. Thanks!

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Thanks, Pilgrim, for asking this question as I also check the RS forum daily (first RS tour this fall) and find seeing all the most recent postings together a much easier way to explore the forum. I have learned so much from this forum, appreciate all the advice, insight, and suggestions! I think I am a little obsessed with "planning", kind of a hobby for me, and this forum plays right into that! Thanks all!