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Scotland pocket wifi

My wife and I are taking our 20 year anniversary trip to Scotland next April/May. I'm looking into pocket wifi for us to use our phones for GPS while there. Any recommendations?

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I may be mistaken on this, but your phones will probably have GPS capability without WiFi capability. The GPS runs independently of cellular data. You could download some maps from Google for offline use and use them to navigate via the GPS capability that your phone already has.

Alternatively, you could buy a SIM card which will work in Scotland which will allow you to receive cellular data from a Scottish provider.

If you are thinking about a "cellular hotspot" type of device that your phones could hook up to for WiFi, that might be an option, but if you or your wife are separated from the device by any distance, say 50 or 100 yards, you wouldn't be able to connect to it.

I don't think I am wrong about this, but anyone please feel free to correct me.