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RS plug adapters

Has anyone used RS euro and UK plug adapters? Much cheaper than Amazon who's customer ratings are iffy. I'm thinking of packing a couple in case I lose/forget one.

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Hi Horse, they work as intended. Never had a problem with either version. Just be sure your appliances are dual voltage so you don't set anything on fire!

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Used them in both Great Britain & all over Europe and they work just fine. I have bought extra's from the RS store because they sell them so cheap.

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Used them for years. And at a buck a piece, buy a few because as you stated, you will probably forget one. I did.

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Have used them both. Bought three more of the euro ones recently. They're perfectly fine, as long as your devices are dual voltage, which most are these days.

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I have used them for years. Before I leave for the airport, I attach a plug to each device. I also pack a couple of extra ones just in case.

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My only problem with them is that my husband accidentally leaves them in the hotel when we check out! That's why it is good to bringing extras.

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I've used both styles for years. We, too, lose them from time to time. Or I should say my husband leaves them places. In hotel rooms, on trains (along with an entire iPhone charging cord & US plug - luckily we had more than the one).

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My two cents, used them for years and they work great.

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I read somewhere here about using washi tape or painter's tape to just tape the darned things onto the plug so you don't leave them in the outlet. They're so cheap, you could have one taped to all your gadget chargers and other electric devices and be assured they'll come back home with you for the next trip.

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To help avoid leaving these in hotel rooms, add a bright colored marking on them, so they don't blend into the wall socket as you're scanning the room before you leave.

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about the bright colour so as not leave behind by mistake - why doesn't the manufacturer make them them in bright colours in the first place? It wouldn't cost any more. Maybe the RS organization can lean on them the next time they buy the 30 bazillion they must buy at one time.

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Ideally buy ones for the UK on arrival. Ones that fully meet UK electrical standards can be easily bought in the high street, sometimes for as little as £1.

If you want to be sure of having one at the start and buying from outside of the UK, make sure than they have:

Sleeved live and neutral pins - but not earth
Correct fuse (1A for Shavers, 13A general)
Shuttered socket
Proper earth connection - not just a bit of plastic

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I have used the RS adapters in Europe and the UK for over 10 years. All have worked perfectly fine.

Some will state that these are not the best, especially for the UK because they technically don't met the required standards, but as long as you are using them to do things like plug your phone charger into or other low amperage uses and don't have a grounded (3 prong) plug on the device you are plugging in, you should be fine.