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RS digital files on a Mac

I have some experience with Kindle eBooks of RS publications (purchased from I am looking for an ALTERNATIVE to e Kindle Reader interface (on my iPhone, iPad or Mac).

I just learned about using < > to get RS books; apparently a 3rd digital format and for use on mobile devices (such as iPhone).

My questions:

1) can the RS digital files from the above RS web site be read on a Mac (non-mobile device)?

2) is it possible to view RS publications in ePub format on my Mac using iBooks?

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I wasn't even aware that RS had a Reader. I've only used Kindle or iBooks formats, so can't offer any comments on the RS Reader.

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Looks like you can read them on a Mac using Adobe Digital Editions software. This is not the best reading experience but it does work. I doubt that this is a new format, probably just a regular ePub with Adobe DRM added. This along with Kindle format is the same thing my local library uses for ebook loans.

Why not just buy the ebooks from the Apple iBooks store and be able to sync between Mac/iPad/iPhone. The price appears to be the same. Personally I would just use the Kindle apps if you already have copies of the books in question. I don't find the functionality of iBooks to be that much different.


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Thanks Frank - excellent reply.

Seems I got lost in the trees. You reminded me of the iBooks store. All of these downloads are within a few dollars of each other. The Amazon-Kindle files are also easy to get on Mac and mobile device. I'll try one RS book from iBook store and check out the reading experience.

I like being able to search the e-files, but do miss the tactual experience of an actual book in my hands.

Thanks again for the response.

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I use the Kindle app on my iPhone and got the RS Great Britain book which I used on my last tour. It worked flawlessly and the Kindle app seems to handle the process a lot better than a PDF or other formats. Everything was easy to read and even the maps and illustrations were perfectly clear.