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RS Audio Europe - Android version - parts of script are missing?

I have an Android tablet and an Android phone. I downloaded RS Audio Europe app on both (and on an iPad).

On the two Android devices, there are missing parts to the written transcript (eg. In the Pompeii walking tour, there are 18 parts. Parts 7 to 18 are missing). The audio is all there. Only parts of the written are missing. (No problem with the iPad)

Anybody else have this problem? Any fix?



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I have the android app and have not experienced this problem. Maybe try uninstalling and re-installing?

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Thanks for reply. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still same problem.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab (4.1.2) and an LG-P500 (2.2.1). What device and android version do you have?

I can tell that the data is all there. The files for the audio, pdf map and html script are located in a SD directory call android/data/com.treemolab.apps.rsae. When i open the html script using an html viewer, all of the script text is there. However, when i use the RSAE app, the bottom part is cut off. I have emailed the RSAE support for help.

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FYI, here is the reply that I got from the webmaster:

"Hi there,
Thanks for letting us know about this. We’ve been able to replicate the issue and we’ve contacted our app developer so that they can fix it. I’m not certain as to how quickly they can fix it, though. It might be tomorrow, or it could be several weeks from now. When they do fix it, you will probably need to delete the track and re-download it to the Audio Europe app to see the update. I’d try doing that in a week or two if you don’t hear from me sooner than that.