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Question about website for trip reviews

I've enjoyed looking at the web-blogs / trip reports and notice many folks use weebly. For those who have set up one of these accounts - would you suggest signing in and setting it up via Facebook or through an email account (those are the two options I see - and not sure which would be better). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry I can't answer your question completely, I don't have a facebook account. A few years ago when I opened the weebly account I opened it with my email address and it worked well. Whatever you decide I hope it works well for you.

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I access the travel forums using my regular email address. If you use a FB account it may post to FB. Although for most other sign-ins using FB there is an opt out option.

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I'm sorry, but I don't believe in facebook. I don't trust their security nor their tactics.

I have never signed into any third party app with facebook and I have deleted all fb that I once had.

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I agree with Nigel. I don't see how giving Facebook more information than they already have is a good thing, so if I did have an account, I'd never use it for anything but Facebook itself.

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I use Facebook extensively. I keep up with friends on 6 continents as well as family and friends from elementary school on and work with people on animal rescue and other volunteer activities. If you use Facebook, you can easily set your privacy settings so nothing is posted without your permission and you can determine who of your friends can see what. I love sites that let me log in via Facebook as it is quite convenient. Also, you can easily share on Facebook.

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Not to high jack your thread, but I also have a question about weebly. Do those of you who have made a scrapbooks for the tour contest pay for a subscription? Or do you use the free part ( I believe it's 5 pages)? Is 5 free pages enough to do a whole scrapbook?


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I've never used Weebly but do post hotel reviews on TripAdvisor, which also has an option for signing in through Facebook. I always sign in to TA with an e-mail address and password; I never use FB to sign in to any website. FB uses everything it knows about you to fine-tune advertisements which it posts on your page. It's creepy...and, I fear, just the beginning of personal advertising.

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I have the same attitude towards Facebook as mentioned by Nigel. I don't trust their network security and I especially don't like the way they operate.

To answer your question, I find it just as easy to sign into Blogs or anything else simply by using my E-mail and a Password. I have no need to use Facebook or anything else to access things like that.

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I am not on Facebook, I could not agree more with the anti FB comments, and this sort of thing is exactly why-as stated above it's all about harvesting your personal information. There is no benefit for you to link to FB, or is there?

As a separate point, I think the age demographic typical of many posters here may have to do with the anti FB sentiment as well, but I could be wrong.

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I haven't had a chance to check out the site any further yet and I side right about in the middle of the comments & thoughts you all have shared. I am active on FB but mainly with family & close friends (and to keep an eye on my kids - although they are now on other sites because the parents are on). I will probably just try the email log in and then link the site to FB if I want (and can figure it out). I still don't have my international phone plans figured out so I need to do that soon. I have AT&T but not thrilled at their options. So. Many. Details!!