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Preventing Cell Phone Theft

I think this topic has been covered before but I couldn't find it.

What do the guys here do to prevent your cell phone from being stolen? (I know pickpocketing is rare but it is possible.) I don't always carry a day bag.

Currently, I have a ring on the back of my phone that is used to hold the phone and seconds as a stand. I've been using a two sided clip: one side on the phone ring, the other on a belt loop.

A couple of notes:

1) If you don't bring one and need to share that, it doesn't really help me.

2) If you carry it in your purse, it doesn't really help me.

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I saw someone carrying her phone on what appeared to be a soft plastic cord around her neck, ends wrapped around all four corners of the phone. She was able to take photos while the phone was tethered. That would reduce loss by pickpocketing, but not by the rarer strong-arm theft. If anybody knows where ti buy one ...

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I carry it exactly the same way I do at home, in the pocket of my pants or in my coat pocket. Never had an issue other then it falling out of my pocket on the Circumvesuviana.

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I keep mine in an inner zipped pocket of whichever jacket I'm wearing. If I'm not wearing a jacket, I would usually carry it in a cross-body bag, again in a zipped pocket. And if I'm not carrying a bag, I could either put it in a zipped pocket in my pants or not carry it at all. For better or worse, I put my faith in zippers.

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Just do what you would at home but make sure you are aware of your surroundings and people getting to close to you when there is no need to be, i usually keep mine in my front pocket when walking around but on buses subways metros etc if standing i use one hand to hold onto a bar and other hand in my pocket with my phone in, if seated you dont need to do this

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Be careful when you take photos with your cell phone, particularly at famous sights. I had a friend who was taking a picture of the Lapin Agile cafe in Paris. A thug grabbed the phone as he was taking the photo and ran downhill really fast with it. By the time my friend realized what had happened, the thug had a huge head start.

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I have a wrist strap on mine so whenever I take it out to use, it's strapped to my wrist.

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I've sought out shirts with zippered chest pockets . . . ones with a vertical zipper close to the buttons. Because of the position, it doesn't pull down on the shirt like a regular chest pocket.

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I have attached a wrist strap to my phone.

The small end attachment loops around the bumper case on my phone.

Then I attach the wrist strap to a coil lanyard secured in my day bag.

The stretchable coil allows me to take the phone out and use it without unhooking. (I also use this same method for my camera and a coin wallet that contains a small amount of spending money.) It can be unhooked fairly easily when necessary.

If you don’t carry a day bag, then sew a split key ring in pocket(s) of your travel pants for attaching the coil.

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What I have been doing is this:

First, I attached one of these to the back of my phone:

JTD iRing

(It also acts as a stand and helps to keep me from dropping the phone)

Then I attached one of these to the ring and the other end to a belt loop near my pocket

Tyny Tools Key Bungee

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Frank II,

I normally just carry my iPhone using an Otterbox belt clip which holds the phone quite securely (ie: it's not likely to fall out accidentally). The phone and belt clip are covered by my travel Vest, which I always wear when out touring as that's my "daypack", so the phone is not visible.

If I'm going to be in a high risk location such as the Circumvesuviana, I store the phone inside one of the inner pockets of my Vest. It's difficult to remove the phone from those pockets because of the rubber case on the phone as well as the Velcro fasteners on the pocket.

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Never really though about it.

Except when I am taking pictures with it, I keep my iPhone in my front pants pocket or if I happen to be wearing a jacket an inside pocket of the jacket. I don't have the latest phone, so thieves probably wouldn't want it if they saw someone with a newer model. :-)

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Frank, Ken mentions his travel vest. Not to start another thread on Scottevest, but I have one, and also one of their very useful hoodies I use almost daily at home, which both have internal zippered pockets up high on your chest, where a pocket would not normally be. No visible bulge there. You can further tether it to one of the many loops inside, with the right holder.

I use a regular point and shoot for photos, so don't normally take the phone out while touring.

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My Vest is a Tilley product and not a ScottEVest. I've tried the ScottEVest but found it too warm in hot climates and not as comfortable to wear as the Tilley. The Vest has a "D" ring on one of the chest pockets, which is convenient for attaching the lanyard for my P&S Camera.

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Ken, yes, I did not assume yours was the same product or mean to imply they were the same. That some travel clothes are purposefully designed to include security features is what I wanted to highlight.

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I keep mine in the zipped pockets (usually the right-hand one) of my Mtn. Hardwear hiking pants that I wear the entirety of any trip.