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Pre-Travel Verifly Experience

We're traveling from Chicago to Rome on 10/1 on British Airways on tickets purchased through American Airlines.

Both airlines ask to use Verifly for travel to the UK. Here's my experience:
1. Don't bother looking at Verifly any more than 48 hours until your flight. I found that both the BA and AA flight numbers/routes were not available before then. Within 48 hours, our BA flight number was available, but the corresponding AA fight wasn't. So, I used the BA info.
2. I filled out the UK passenger locator form. This is similar but different from the EU Passenger locator form which is required for entrance to Italy. Verifly has a link to UK form. After completing, it's uploaded by scanning a QR code. Note: There is a box for TEST BOOKING NUMBER. I have no clue what that is, but I google Ricksteves and a few people suggested using "none" It worked.
3. Uploaded a picture of the negative covid test
4. You'll need a photo and will answer some basic questions and that's it. I was able to add my wife's info on my record. All items were approved in about 60 minutes.

For travel from the UK to Italy, BA asked for the same information (EU locator code not the UK) and has a portal for the information in the Managing Your Booking section of its website. Very easy to upload and docs were approved almost immediately. It's much faster and makes more sense than Verifly.

…. At ORD, verifly not used. BUT it forced us to have all the necessary paperwork ready. Several travelers didn’t.

As we haven't traveled yet, I have no idea how the check-in experience will go. But at the paperwork is done. And we have several copies of everything.

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We found Verifly a real pain to set up, but once it's working, the airline employees really like it and it does save time. Just returned home from Switzerland two weeks ago.
We had to cancel the Italy portion of our trip because at the time, a transfer in Heathrow required quarantining in Italy. I believe that is no longer the case.
Safe travels and have a great time.

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We booked through BA for an AA flight to Rome and completed the VeriFLY application. Like Pat experienced, VeriFLY was difficult to call moleste, but we got it done. The photo you submitted may be what makes it worth it.

We flew Dallas>Rome, not from Chicago, and AA, not BA, so your experience may be different. But they just asked to see that we had a passport, not to see inside it. And a face scan taken at the gate (maybe comparing it with the VeriFLY photo - in their files?) got both of us on the plane - no boarding pass looked at, no passport scan, quick and easy. Plane took off early. It wasn’t totally full, and the flight attendants spread people out when it was obvious there were empty seats.

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We had a lot of trouble with Verifly, it would NOT take our photos of the negative tests we had in Paris before our return to the US. Finally seemed to get a photo they liked and then it worked fine. Didn’t matter one hoot though when we checked in at CDG. They wanted to see all the paper of everything. Glad I had the hotel print it all out. However, Verifly DID help when we transited at LHR to the LAX flight, so glad we spent all that time getting it to work.

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Just returned from our trip. Verifly is a waste of time. Have your test document, vax card and EU and/or UK locator docs available and you’re good to go.

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Flew into UK two days ago. Verifly filled out prior to flight. Wasn't asked for anything more than my passport since my Verifly info was in my reservation. Easy.

Bt the way, Test booking number is the number you get from your receipt of a day 2 test. If you are transiting the UK you don't need this.

With Verifly info in my reservation, I was able to check in online and get my boarding pass without having to stop at the check in desk. Straight to security. Just like in the old days.

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Depending on your trip and the country’s requirements, you might have to input information or upload documents, such as:

Passenger details
Departure and destination airports
Passport information
Companion information (if traveling with others)
Photos of you and any travel companions (taken directly through the app with your device’s camera)
Negative COVID-19 test result
Travel authorization (if required), such as the U.K. passenger locator form
Within 24 hours of your flight, you’ll likely have to review entry requirements for your destination and go through a pre-departure checklist in VeriFLY, which simply confirms certain things, such as having a valid passport and printed copies of necessary documents. At this point, you should receive confirmation that your pass is complete, which is shown by a green check mark. You can then show your completed pass to a check-in agent at the airport.