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Pre-Paid Debit Card

Will a pre-paid debit card work in Europe? Or more specifically Italy? Thanks

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Are you referring to your bank issued Debit Card, it will work but I would highly advise against it. Get a bank issued Prepaid Visa Card, it will work for both ATM withdrawals and purchases, but will require you to top it up, on the fly, through your bank's mobile App. And if you get one with zero foreign transaction fees, all the better.

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There are prepaid cards for travel, but a credit card would be best and an ATM/Debit card better for Cash.

The problem with prepaid cards is that they charge you to get it, charge you to load it, charge you to use it, may charge you to convert currencies, then charge you to get any unused funds back.

They are often touted for "safety", though they offer little more protection than your credit card.