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It is only rated to 125 volts (at least according to the specifications listed on the page there), so in theory it's not guaranteed to work. But it looks like it's really just an extension cord - no electronics inside, probably just wires. It will almost certainly work just fine, especially with low current devices that would charge via USB.

But it seems not to be what you really need. Why not get a USB-charger instead that has one plug and several USB connections?

This is rated to 240 volts, 50-60hz, so will work fine in Europe. And it has only a 2-wire power plug, so the adapter requirement to plug it into the wall in Europe is simpler. You'd still need a simple adapter for the plug end.

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I was at a travel seminar and the person mentioned an outlet by Monster, I saw it on Amazon. They have one with and without a USB. It is called Outlets to go by Monster.

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Not sure where you want to go or what all you want to plug into a power strip.

My husband uses a European one we bought in Belgium at a supermarket. It has a European-pronged wall plug and European plug receptacles. He plugs in his CPAP, as well as his phone and iPad using plug adapters. He likes this option because it is not common to have outlets close to the bed for his CPAP and with this he can usually use just one wall receptacle to plug in his 2 devices, his CPAP (the most important thing) and maybe the light next to the bed as well if needed.

I recently bought a 10 foot (the longest possible) USB charger cord for my Moto X phone. I only take that and use it for everything. These gadgets so often come with the shortest cord possible (3 feet). That doesn't even work for my plugs close to the bed at home if I want to read or need to "work" while charging. The 10 foot is great.

There are so many solutions out there these days, sometimes it's hard to pick the best for your application. We haven't been to the UK with the CPAP yet, so we will need to do some adjusting there. Perhaps a European-->UK plug adapter for him and a US-->UK one for me?

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We purchased a dual voltage power strip from It worked great.

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...only rated to 125 volts....

It looks like a "dumb" power strip with no indicator light or circuit breaker. I'm not sure why it would be limited to 125 v. It is rated at 15 amps, the more relevant parameter.

Unless you have a grounded plug adapter it's only effective for two conductor devices which most (all of my) electronic charger devices are.

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Frank II,

Based on what I can determine from the website, that product should work fine in Europe. It appears to be just a simple cord and three outlets, with no pilot light, circuit breaker or other features. Connecting three USB devices won't be a high current draw, so that shouldn't overload the outlet.

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I agree with several of the posters above, a power strip with multiple usb chargers is not what you need. If everything you have to charge is via usb, just get a multi-port usb charger. I don't see a CE mark (equivalent of UL over here) on either the power strip or the Antec usb charger. I like the one linked by garrison; it's CE, has a Europlug built in (so you don't have to worry about leaving it in the receptacle), and is double insulated (a requirement, I believe, with the non-grounding Europlug).

I don't know if they have the CE mark, but I see inexpensive, multi-port usb charges everywhere, including Big Lots. If you already have a plug adapter, get one of them.

Since I always take a small netbook computer with me, I can charge my camera (or phone) battery from it's usb port(s) while I use my computer.