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Post was deleted?

I made a post the other day talking about some travel apps I'd been trying and having issues with, and trying to get other experiences/suggestions. However, it appears to have been deleted, and I have no idea why. :-( I spent some time writing it up, as well, so I'm sad that I don't have the text to post anywhere else.

If a post was deleted by a moderator, should I have received any kind of notification as to why? Anyone else had this happen?

ETA: The post is back! Apparently it was incorrectly flagged. Thanks, all! :-)

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Have you checked all your posts by clicking on your name? I don't know if the Webmaster would notify you (I've never gotten a post deleted that I know of, unless the whole thread was deleted if which case you won't get notification) should send him a PM and ask him directly.

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It has been deleted. Having not seen it I can only assume that it was an inappropriate posting. Read the guidelines. The rules here are consistently enforced when compared to some other travel sites. On most sites, posting are deleted without comment. The moderators have the final say and are not interested in having a discussion about their decisions so doubt if there is much notification.

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If it appeared you were promoting an app (as opposed to asking or offering advice), it's possible your post was flagged and got deleted. I suppose there could be a fine line between promoting a service or an app and just making an impartial recommendation.

I agree, though. Send a message to the webmaster. Possibly if there was a misinterpretation of what you posted, he could restore your post, or at least give you feedback on how to modify it so it doesn't read like you're promoting something.

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I definitely wasn't promoting an app - I listed the ones I'd tried so far, and the problems I was having with each. I wasn't slamming them or being rude in any way, but I don't think there's any way they could've been construed as flattering enough to say I was promoting them. :-) Ah well - I've written in, and we shall see what comes back. Thanks!

(And I did read the guidelines before posting, and again now, and don't see where I would've crossed a line or even come near. I get that discussions over these things might get tedious or worse for mods, though. sigh I'm just sad to lose the content. C'est la vie!)

ETA: Update - the post is back! It was apparently incorrectly flagged. :-) Thanks again for the input.