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So i an a few weeks out from my trip and unrelated to that I was updating my music playlists amd that got me thinking about songs to put on a playlist for a trip.
I figure these would not neccisarily he somgs you wnat to listen to all the time but..,

For instance my Family used to always play “on the Road again” when we pulled out onto the toad while traveling with our RV in the US.

Winchester Cathedral is another one that comes to mind. And the RS theme song. etc

So what “travel” related songs can you think of?

Give us some sone titles and maybe where/what country for them
For example
RS Theme-General Travel
La Vie En Rose -Paris.
Les Champs Elysees song - on the Hop on Hop off bus on the street in Question.

I thought this may be a fun little discussion
So what songs can you think of?

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Here are some traveling lyrics that come to mind . .

“Well I’ve never been to Heaven

But I’ve been to Oklahoma”

Three Dog Night

Song written by (Oklahoma-born) Hoyt Axton

(Of course the actual title of the song is Never Been to Spain)

Other traveling locations that get a shout-out in the song:


Las Vegas

Needles, California



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Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Leaving on a Jet Plane- travel
School’s Out for Summer- travel/summer
Hopeless Wanderer- Mumford & Sons- travel
Marrakesh Express- Morocco
Paris- by Taylor Swift- France
London Calling- England
Fairytale of New York- The Pogues

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Mary that is so funny. I have never seen the video and it is so opposite to the feeling of the song !

(Also I didn't have any idea it was Lindsey Buckingham who sang it !!)

A perfect choice !

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Free Man in Paris. Joni
Spanish Castle Magic. Jimi
When I Paint My Masterpiece Dylan
Ramblin Man. ABB
Promised Land Chuck Berry
Willin Linda Ronstadt

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My travel song has always been Ventura Highway, by America.

I like it best on a road trip, California or elsewhere... perfection is a convertible...

"'Cause the free wind is blowing through
Your hair"

And, yet, not everyone wants to go...

"Thanks a lot son, just the same*

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Hi Douglas -

One song that plays on repeat mostly in my head when travelling is ‘La Mer’ by Charles Trenet. You’ll know the anglicised version of it as ‘Somewhere Beyond The Sea’ by I think, Bobby Darin, but Trenet’s original is much more evocative and passionate. It probably helps that I’ve completely erroneously conflated it with Jacques Tati’s classic film ‘Mr. Hulot’s Holiday’, but I’m not keen to explore the inner workings of my mind much further!

One song that always makes me homesick when abroad is ‘The King Of Rome’ by The Unthanks. While travel against the odds is involved, I’ll cough to the fact that, as a Yorkshire Lad, it’s the Brighouse and Raistrick Brass Band’s accompaniment that gets to me. Which is why I once was on a bus to Sedona from The Grand Canyon choking back something hard and jagged!

Honourable mentions - ‘Sunset’ by Kate Bush, ‘Red, Red Rose’ and ‘Marching On Through’ both by Hope and Social (the best band you’ve never heard of!) and ‘Driving In My Car’ and ‘The Sun and Rain’ both by Madness, all songs of going somewhere, not necessarily specific.


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Premier Inn County Hall is a big favourite on the England forum. I've posted several songs already on this forum that might be worth listening to to enhance your experience of staying here

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset - Even though it was written almost 60 years ago, lyrically nothing describes central London quite as poetically or prosaically.

Squeeze - Up The Junction - Another wonderful piece of poetry, just a little way south of the last song in Clapham.

Another mile or so south in Brixton and you can rock on to Electric Avenue with Eddie Grant.

Travel back 100 years or so to the days of music hall and you can practice your Lambeth Walk or Knock 'Em In The Old Kent Road.

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This is the only song I have on my play list. Not Europe but an interesting city to say the least.
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok

Ah I don't like giving my age away, but that was one that caught my ear as a youngster :-) I Know Him So Well was also a big hit in the UK at the same time. Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson were massive for a while then disappeared.

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Here's some more London stuff. This time I've picked a few videos with (mainly north) London locations, albeit in the 80's. All cracking tunes too.

Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Archway / Tufnell Park) I love Neil Young, but this cover has always resonated more with me. Some of the locations look quite familiar if you've seen Shaun Of The Dead.

Soft Cell - Bedsitter (St Johns Wood / Soho) I think they still have the art deco uplighters at St Johns Wood Station you get a good view of in this video.

Captain Sensible - Glad It's All Over (Camden and Hampstead Heath) An anti-war sentiment that somehow seems pertinent these days. Friends of friends know him from years ago and say he's a really nice bloke.

Orange Juice - Rip It Up (Soho / Regents Street) Some Scottish blokes larking around in London. How cool does Edwyn Collins look for 1982 though?

The Specials - Ghost Town (The City / Bank / Blackwall Tunnel) Written about Coventry, but a great period piece video shot in London.

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May I add JJ Cale “Travelin’ Light?”
Pretenders “Middle of the Road”

and the album “Houses of the Holy” by Led Zeppelin—it’s just good to listen to Jimmy Page jam, and to Robert Plant belting out those blues.

I agree with other posters-Kraftwerk-“Trans Europa Express” the remix, really, the entire disc 3 from the Red box album “3D Der Katalog”

and Arcade Fire “Reflektor”

and Sheryl Crow “Tuesday Night Music Club.”

Dance in your seat to New Order “Substance.”

Wake up with B-52s “Love Shack.”
Have a great trip!🎶🎧🎵