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Orange 14-day (e)sim plans: calendar days or 24hr days?

I've tried to find this answer elsewhere but have failed, so I hope someone here has experience with this:

How does Orange count its 14 days? If I arrive & activate the esim at 0900 on day 1, will it expire on day 14 at 2359, on day 15 at 0859, or at some other time?


ps: I know they also offer top-ups.

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I believe that Orange plans come pre-activated, so the clock starts running when you first use the plan at your eSIM destination, and the data credit expires at the end of the 14th day following that first usage.

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Thanks @Mardee - that's my question: is it the end of the 14th calendar day (that is, midnight) or the end of the 14th 24-hr day (that is, after 14 24-hr blocks starting from the time of activation)?

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I don't know the answer, but I do know renewing or buying more time is not going to work online using Canadian credit cards. You need to go into a shop and do it there. And if you travel from Spain, for example, and have a Spanish Orange SIM that expires on you, you can forget trying to renew that in France. You basically have to start all over. Ask me how I know...