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My Verizon saga

I have an HTC Android phone with Verizon and called them before my Europe trip to see if I could use it over there. The guy enthusiastically said no problem and shipped me a new SIM card. We spoke after I installed it and things weren't going well but he assured me they would have it working before my trip. Just days before I left I got a text from Verizon telling me the plans were all active and in place.

Since I'm a belts and suspenders kind of guy I didn't trust them so got in on that 2 phones from Eurobuzz deal (turns out they are really Mobal out of the UK). When I got to Europe I turned on all my phones. My wife's Verizon iPhone worked fine, my two Eurobuzz phones worked fine, my phone was a brick. Good thing I had my plan B ready. In fact, I had a plan C too - brought along a cheap unlocked quadband phone so I could buy local SIM if needed.

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I have the HTC One through Verizon. I set up the global package plan before my trip this past September. I had no problems texting and making calls from Paris and Switzerland. Not sure what happened with your set up.

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A word of caution about Verizon. Be very careful about taking advice from the people who first answer the phone. Insist on being transferred to their international service department – and sometimes that can take a lot of insisting. I think the first level operators may be under pressure to avoid transferring to international. Twice I've ended up in Europe with a dead phone because of Verizon errors. Now l insist on being transferred to Verizon international, and I also call back a few days later to ensure that the next person says the same thing as the previous person. I've had much better luck taking this approach.

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I wish they had offered me the option of a free loaner phone to use on my trip, I was so caught up in dealing with mine that I forgot about that option which they mention on their website.