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Monocular was great purchase

Not cheap, but great. I bought a Zeiss 6x18 monocular for a museum heavy trip to Italy and it has been perfect. 3 oz, 3 by 1 inch in size and can hang around my neck or be in my tiny purse. I can see mosaic detail on cathedral ceilings and detail of objects in display cabinets. I think it was $300 on Amazon.
Not sure it would be good for moving things though.

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Optical enhancement!
I carry a much larger 10x25 Nikon waterproof binocular. Roughly 5"x5" and 10ozs ($100@REI) but it is a must-carry accessory. In addition to scenery, I have the ability to see individual paint strokes and chisel marks from across a room and the highest stained glass takes on new meaning.

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That sounded like a very good thing to have. Contact and lightweight, too. But surprising about the price - guess the wealthy Monopoly game guy having a monocle might be more than just a coincidence.

EDIT: OK, I wasn’t positive that Mr. Monopoly actually sported a monocle, so I looked it up. Apparently he doesn’t, although Planter’s Mr. Peanut does. Well, $300 for a quality magnifier is more than just peanuts!

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There are lots of monoculars available at various price points. If you're interested be sure to read reviews and do your research paying special attention to the size and weight in addition to the power. You don't always have to buy the most expensive piece of equipment, especially if it's for limited use.

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Ok, I have to admit I had to look up this monocular. it sounds like the perfect thing for -- as you said -- high-up mosaics or stained glass.

Cyn -- I am shocked that Mr Monopoly doesn't wear a monocle ! As soon as you mentioned it, I could see him in my mind's eye. And then you went and did the follow up that demonstrates that my mind's eye is completely faulty !!

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I brought a small pair of binoculars for my last trip since I was going to be in Chartres and several other churches with beautiful stain glass. They really helped, plus they had been my mom’s, so it was a sentimental gesture since she never made it to Europe.

They are still on my packing list for this year - just depends how much I will pare down the list.

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I have compact binoculars from Zeiss I got at Costco last summer. They replaced my heavier birding binoculars and comfortably fit in my purse or pocket. They are good for birds, paintings and stained glass, lol. I was at the Rijksmuseum earlier in the week and was able to sit on a bench and look at the detail in a Hendrick Avercamp painting. It was fabulous. See the guy pooping over on the left side? lol!!

Jean, I would leave them in! I forgot if you are going back to Ravenna for the mosaics...but yes to needing to see detail.