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MiFi devices

Will be traveling to France and Italy this fall.
I have a Moto x, an iPad (with cellular) and the Misses an iPhone 5 - all on Verizon.

Would like option for having data during the day to check maps, websites etc. so checking email would be at nite using hotel wifi.

Are these Mifi cards too pricey and best getting some type of temp global plan thru Verizon?

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Your Moto X should have a SIM card slot and be unlocked so you can buy a SIM card for it while in France and Italy. If you don't want to make voice calls with it, you can get a data-only SIM. (Still make free calls home with Google Hangouts/Google Voice using data or WiFi; Google will give you a free US phone number but it will be different from your Verizon phone number..) And you can make a hotspot with the Moto X to give WiFi/data to the other devices that are nearby.

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Thanks - I know one of my calls to Verizon is indeed to verify that my Moto is a Global phone.
By chance do you know if :
The Orly airport has a kiosk or store to buy a SIM?
A will that SIM work in Italy or do I need to purchase a Italy specific card? and at Venice Airport.

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No need to purchase a new SIM in Italy if you have sufficient minutes left on your French one. The time will be used up slightly faster in the second country, but it's still not bad. I haven't been to Orly, but a quick Google search says there are Virgin Electronics stores there. And every airport I have been to in recent years (six on my last trip, alone) has had kiosks for cellphone services, too.