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Keeping a SIM active

I’m planning to buy a Giffgaff SIM card for my upcoming trip to the UK. I read through all of their fine print, but I can’t quite tell how to keep the number active so I can use the same card for a trip to Italy 8 months later. It looks like EU roaming should not be an issue.

Any advice? Thanks!

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As I assume you will be in the US for the majority of the time.
As long as you don't go beyond 6 months non activity you are fine.
So maybe at 5 months plus add some credit to the account.
Minimum is £10.
Then when you go to Italy use that credit to buy a Goodbag, which are vastly better value.

Don't leave credit on the account unused beyond a 6 month period as I believe you lose it

Giffgaff does has a very active online forum
If you post the question I would expect you will get confirmation of the above in minutes