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Itinerary, plug adapter ('s) question

This is our first trip to Europe and have learned much from this site. Funny how the more one learns the more questions arise. In Sept. we will travel to Stuttgart Germany, Florence Italy, and Paris France for 24 days.

My main question is: Will I need two different plug adapters for charging tablet, razor, camera, phone, one for Germany and France (2 prong) and another (3 prong) for Italy? All items that will be used are dual voltage.

Thanks to all for the great info on this forum, Ken J

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2-pin pugs (or 2-prong as you call them) are the same in Germany, France and Italy. If you have 2-pin appliances, you only need one 2-pin adapter for all three countries.

If you have a 3-pin appliances, Italy is different. Germany and France are nearly the same, and you can buy an adapter that is good in both countries. Italy needs a different 3-pin adapter.

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The three pin Plug Adaptor is designed for use with appliances that have a ground (earth) pin, but will work just fine with ungrounded appliances as well. It's likely that most (if not all) of the devices you'll be travelling with have only two pin (ungrounded) Plugs, so you'll only have to pack the two pin Adaptors. One point to note is that the Italian grounded Plug Adaptor will only work in Italy as other countries have different designs for grounded Plugs. If you were travelling in the U.K., a completely different style of Plug is used.

I'd suggest packing along two or three of the two-in Euro Plugs, as they're small and easily misplaced. They're only a few bucks each, so not a huge expense. Your biggest problem might be finding enough outlets in the hotel room to connect multiple devices. For that reason, you might also consider packing along something like this. However, note that this product has a grounded Plug. It can still be used with the two pin Plug Adaptors in most cases, but of course the ground pin wouldn't be connected.

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Thanks to all of you for the quick replies. I just purchased the adapters from Rick Steves site. Ken J