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Iphone - sim - pictures questions

Hi - I have an iPhone 5 - it’s unlocked and I will put a SIM card in it in Italy.

Here are my questions...
1. what happens to the pictures I take on the iPhone while in Europe with the European SIM card ...are the pix stored on the SIM card? Or on the phone? or in the iCloud?
2. If the pix are stored on the SIM card how do I move the pictures to the icloud so that I can access them in the future?
3. Can I log into my iCloud account while in Europe and upload pictures from my iPhone or eur. Sim while I have the eur. SIM card inserted?

Thanks in advance!

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Photos are not stored on the SIM card. The SIM card has nothing whatsoever to do with your photos.

Your options for dealing with photos (uploading them to any internet-based service, including Apple's and a hundred others, or just leaving them on the phone) are exactly the same as they would be at home (assuming you have connectivity wherever you are).

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The SIM card is in place of your phone provider such as Verizon in the US. Everything but phone and or texts will be the same on your phone.

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The SIM card designates your phone number and any data plan.

Pictures reside in the phone memory. You can upload to the apple cloud (or any cloud) over wifi, or you can pick up a USB drive designed for an iPhone....I have the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB for iPhone and iPad (one side is for the lightning connection on the phone, the other side is the USB to connect to a computer); it's tiny so if you do get it, you'll want to get the Case Logic Shuttle case for it since it has a key fob clip you can attach it to inside a bag you carry.

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Have you decided on a telecom provider in Italy?

I used WIND in Italy a couple years ago and was not impressed by the coverage. I also experienced very high/rapid data usage even though I had turned off all data-eating background processes on my iPhone 6.

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We’ve used Vodafone for SIM cards. Current Global + plan gives you 15GB, 500 Italian minutes, 300 minutes to other countries including US, and free chat apps (WhatsApp and Messenger). Since your sim gives you Italian # we use what’s app and Google voice for texts. I have a 5s.

Due to lots of pictures, decided to sign up with iCloud storage for .99 / month. Same pictures show on phone, iPad and MacBook.