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iPhone 6S

I have an old iPhone 6S that is not active, can I use it in Italy with a SIM card purchased there? Or does it need to have be active on my US Verizon account.?

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Yes you can use it with an Italian SIM. All iPhones, except the iPhone 4, which didn't have a spot for a SIM card, that were sold for Verizon are unlocked.

In order for internet services to work with the Italian carrier, there may be some carrier settings to adjust. They can likely help you with that in Italy. Especially if you bring the phone charged and sign up at one a phone company's official stores.

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Especially if you bring the phone charged

good idea. In this part of the world when going through security all devices must be able to switch on.

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I doubt that your iPhone 6S is too "old" as that's the current top end model being sold by Apple (at least until this fall). If you plan to use that in Italy, it would be a good idea to verify that it is in fact "unlocked".

As someone else mentioned, you may have to change some of the network settings or whatever. I'm not sure what spec's Verizon uses.

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LOL - I literally just got the 6S this week and I thought I was current. It was a huge step up from my original iPhone that I had. Getting a new phone is like driving your "new" car off the lot - it's immediately "old" as soon as you drive onto the street.

Keeping up with technology is impossible ugh!

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Why do you consider your 6s old? It's the latest model in Apple's iPhone lineup.

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Per Apple, the "iPhone 6s is powered by the custom-designed 64-bit A9 chip. It delivers performance once found only in desktop computers.." Old, eh?