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iPad Mini - uploading photos? secondary camera?


I've downsized from a laptop to a notebook when I travel. Now I'm considering downsizing further to an iPad Mini. DH has an iPad and DIL has an iPhone, so Facetime and available help getting used to a new toy were important in this decision. (Gosh, even my 16-month old grandson uses his own apps on his mom's iPhone!!)

With my trusty Samsung notebook, I copy photos from a SD card, use Picassa for a quick edit, and post them to FB or e-mail them. I've also needed it for browsing, checking e-mails, and using Skype when traveling.

With the iPad Mini, I could do the latter 3 easily, plus reading e-books in a handier format... but what about the photos??

  1. Using a card reader/USB kit, could I transfer the photos I have taken with my camera to the iPad Mini? Do I have to do a complete dump or can I select only some photos to copy? Is there an app for this?

  2. What can I use on the iPad Mini to do a quick edit of photos (esp. crop)?

  3. If I used it as a secondary camera, how good are the photos it takes? Under which conditions does the camera perform poorly (active shots, low-light, etc.?)

  4. Any useful doo-dads and apps for the iPad Mini that would be particularly useful for travelers in Europe?

Thanks for any and all advice that would help me with this switch. :-)

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Hi Diane,

I can only help with questions 2 and 3.

2) To edit, simply select a photo and on the top right of the screen, press the edit button. You can rotate, enhance, use filters to alter the color, omit red eye and crop. All are easy to use.
3) The photo's are excellent. I haven't seen it perform poorly in regular daylight or low light shots. I think it takes an excellent photo.
Try it around the house, outside, etc. to get used to the photo's and the editing. It's really simple. Plus you can email them to friends/family directly from the iPad Mini. The little "square with the arrow" on the bottom left of the screen takes you to this. You can also check multiple photo's to send by checking/selecting them.

Good luck. We bought our iPad mini (WiFi only model) to Europe 2 months ago and loved having it. We also used Skype on the Mini to call home from our trip.

Just wanted to add, that you can take "snapshots" of any webpage and save it as a photo. We did this with maps, opening/closing times and schedules, etc. for our trip. While looking at the webpage you want to capture, simply press the "home" button (large round one on the "frame" of the mini) and the on/off button (on the side of the mini) together. You'll hear a "click" and it's saved in your photo album.


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with re to the photos on the ipad mini (IPM), you can do a google search for picture reviews on the IPM. Some sites really get into the details too. They did it for the iphone and give it a really good review due to its size and limitations.

happy trails.

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Like you I have pondered on using the mini ipad, in fact I have bought one for our summer European trip
It is possible to connect a camera to the ipad using a special "camera connector"
When connected you can pick and choose which photo you want to upload
The ipad camera is ok and easier to use than a normal ipad but I think I will still use my point and shoot Olympus
Plenty of apps, do a google search for lists that might appeal, I have flight tracker and a serious set of solitaire card games, as it is 24+ hours of flights to get us to Europe.

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Thank you for your * very * useful replies - great info shared!

I'll be using it for our April/May trip. I'm planning on taking my point-and-shoot as well, so I'm glad that only select photos can be chosen for transfer. I found a card reader kit for the iPad Mini on eBay, so I'll try it out.

I also found out that my local Apple store runs free workshops on using iPads. I've signed up for a photo workshop for the end of the month, as well as a couple more... that'll help.

The web "screenshot" is going to be so much fun to use!!! I'm also counting on using it as an e-reader on long flights - with solitaire and sudoku for variety ;-)

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Be a little careful on the card-reader kit for your iPad mini. I have a usb-to-iPad connector cable for my camera, but when I got to Dublin I realized I'd forgotten the cable. I went to an Apple store and they didn't have what I needed but gave me directions to a great little camera shop, that was very helpful..
They had both a replacement cable and a "card-reader kit", so I thought I'd try the card-reader kit since I didn't really need two cables... But I found out that the card-reader kit requires a powered connection (which is normal for a regular ipad) but the ipad mini's do not have a powered connection, and when I plugged in the card-reader kit it gave me an error, something about "not enough power to drive this device", but the camera shop was great and let me return the card-reader kit and I got the replacement cable.. (so now I have two)

So if you go with the card-reader kit, be sure and test it out at home before you leave on your trip..

And downloading photo's off the camera to the ipad was very easy (once I got the cable!!), my only difficulty was that I left all my photo's on the camera, (so I'd have them on the SD card when I got home and could transfer them on to my main computer).. So when I would want to download new photos from the camera to the ipad, I would have to scroll through all the old pictures to get to the newest ones.. Not really a problem at all, just a little annoying.. I think on my next trip, I'm going to bring several smaller SD cards, rather than one or two large ones..

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Your question was one of my questions too, so it was great info for me also. I don't have an ipad but I do have an iPhone and I am an avid photographer. I use an app called Camera Plus. It has some great editing possibilities. It has basic fixes but if you want more control you have some of those too plus there are some of the current enhancements. It is much better than the one that came with my phone. Check it out and see what you think.

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Hello! I have an iPad Mini and use the Lightning-SD card connector to upload photos from my camera to my iPad. It works easily! It offers the option of removing the photos from the SD card when it is finished uploading. You can select what you'd like to upload.

For editing, I use Snapseed. It's a free app by Google and produces some outstanding pics! You can also use Instagram, Instacollage or the photo software from Apple.

I have a Mobiliving folder case for mine. It has good body protection and the "smart" cover, plus it's slim.