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IPad Air - theft issues in Ireland or England?

Anybody have any bad experiences carrying around an ipad in England or Ireland? Are iPads or iPad Air in any way an especially magnetic target for theft?

I plan to exercise the precautions and plan not do anything foolish (stand by subway door, leave it on a chair, etc). I want to take it because it doubles as a tablet and a great camera and I would rather not have to take a camera. But I will be standing I public using the tablet. I appreciate any thoughts!

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I wouldn't describe it as a great camera. But I do take occasional short videos with it when the street musicians are worthy and such.

Sometimes one will want to use it in public. Check the map when lost, shoot those afore mentioned videos, maybe look at reviews of a restaurant or bottle of wine when passing by. But I always want to be considerate of the flow of traffic and end up walking some steps away from the crowd before pulling the pad out of my bag. Once removed a few steps from the crowd, I never feel 'magnetic' in any way.

I was in Mexico City with it this year and felt just fine. Even when the metro was at peak congestion, I didn't see any suspicious behavior.

Our last trip was to Ireland. Many locals were leaving their smartphones on the bar as they turned to join a conversation or got up to use the facilities.

You have to take your tablet with you and get a short-term data plan, wherever you go on vacation. Don't you have all your itinerary and accommodation correspondence saved on it?

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All sorts of electronics gets stolen in bars and on public transport in London, like in any major city. Take precautions. Not long ago a senior executive of one of the tech companies had his tablet swiped at an outdoor cafe table when he took his eye off it.

Are they magnets where you live?

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Bill and Nigel, thank you for taking the time to answer and thanks for the great tips! Just trying to think ahead and grab all the tips I can before my trip. Yep, I do want the tablet for the conveniences and camera (compared to my point and click, it does a great job), just want any insight from you wise and experienced travelers!

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Traveling on the tube it often seems like every other person is using a tablet of some kind.
They aren't particularly a target for theft but as been said take the normal precautions. I certainly wouldn't leave mine on a table if i went to order at a bar for example, but i have no problem using it in public

The only slightly negative comment I will make is that from what I can tell using an ipad to take photos is not always as easy as using a normal size camera or smartphone. I work in Westminster so I am something of an "expert" in tourist camera technique and have probably appeared in literally 1000s of holiday snaps! They can be a bit unwieldy to use, you can't just put it in a pocket for easy access and i have seen one dropped when someone was using it to take a photograph. I have also heard people complain that using an ipad to take a photograph is more intrusive than using a smaller camera. It is certainly more noticeable than using normal camera or phone. It is much harder to use an ipad to take a quick "point and press" snap.

If you have regularly used one to take photos on trips and are comfortable doing it, go for it. But if you aren't used to using one whilst being jostled in a crowded place and wrangling a bag and guide book etc, it might be worth having a practice first.

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Emma, thank you for the reply. Never thought of the unwieldy aspect, will give it a practice. But it really takes nice photos, though my point shoot camera is mediocre.... Thank you again!