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Internet Security Info

Try using sendinc, a web site designed specifically for email secure information.
There is no charge for infrequent usage and/or low volume usage ( info on how it works is on the website ) but basically you initiate your email address account, place the info you desire to be "https" protected and designate the email address of whom you want the information to go to. They receive an email directing them to the sendinc website where they create the email address account you had provided and then retrieve the "https" protected information.
I've used it several times with small to medium sized B&Bs successfully after advising them that I am providing the information this way for security reasons.
FYI ... I use pwsafe as a password/secure info program on my PC & Apple products ( it is available on Android also ) for all my sensitive information. You create an account with one password, then add all your account info and passwords that you want to keep secure. It is free and provides cut 'n paste capability and a timeout feature where you select how long you want the program to remain open since your last access. or see CNET's

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