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Google Stories- Automatic Photo Trip Presentation with Maps! FREE!

Completely by accident I discovered Google Stories. I was looking at my new phone and a presentation from my recent trip came up and I was amazed. It knew everywhere I went and the dates and gave a presentation of the pictures I took. My wife loves it.

Turns out if you have a Gmail account and Google Drive all you need to do is set automatic back up of your pictures, allow Locations on Google Maps and turn on Auto Awesome (which is awsome for some other features as well). After a couple of days you'll have a complete trip report on Google+ (Plus). All you have to do is turn your phone on with WiFi once or twice a day and take lots of pictures. It'll autobackup from your phone and tablet so if you are using a camera and upload to a connected tablet it will work also.
You'll have to be patient because Google automatically creates the story and you never know when or if it will be created. You can edit it a bit. If you delete it it's gone and might not come back.
If you have an iPhone dowload Google+.
I understand that Google and the cell phone companies and the NSA can all track my location and phone, that's not news. The cool thing is Google will automatically make a trip report out of it for me! With Pictures!

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Thanks, just downloaded Google+!!

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Check out the help page Here is a link. It'll walk you through the steps to make sure everything is working right. I set it up to back up photos when there is a WiFi conection and is pluged into a charger.

I also discovered that Auto Awesome feature does a bunch more things. It took pictures that were next to each other and connected them seemlessly for wide angle shots that I was confused because I didn't remember taking them. It took old photos on my phone and made some incredible new photos out of them. It's an unbelieveable feature that is great for traveling. I don't want to sound too over the top about this but those of you who use it are in for a real treat.

Just set it up and go on your trip and take lots of pictures. After you get home it'll show up after a few days.

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Thanks for posting this, Richard. The article link posted by phred is a great one. Thank you!