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That's a nice feature but not much use for iPhone users at the moment.

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Ken, phred- I missed the fact that iOS was not yet available when I saw this article a week or so ago, and had replied to a post here, highlighting the new capability. In looking further now, I see in the Google Blog from Nov 10 that iOS capability is coming soon (The Times says by end of year), and there's a video link to the roll-out which provides some interesting tidbits on the topic without having to weed through all the other stuff.

From the blog post:

We first previewed these new capabilities during Google I/O in May, and today we’re gradually rolling out the first set of these improvements with the latest version of Google Maps on Android (coming soon to iOS). Over time, we’ll be introducing even more offline features to help you find your way—even when you can’t find a connection.

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Good to see more offline features. I have used Google Maps' 'Offline Maps' for a while. It has been better than nothing but I welcome the additions.

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It is nice to know about the offline features. People who don't have mobile phones still prefer paper maps.

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I have used 'Maps.Me' on both my iPhone/iPad and an Android tablet. The app is free while the highly detailed maps are cost a nominal fee (in app purchase). What I like about Maps.Me is it will navigate offline and will follow your route without a cell or WIFI signal.