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Google Calendar UPDATE: I figured how to do this!

I am using Google calendar to make note of general itinerary options and also firm reservations.

My problem is this: I want to be able to put in the times here in Ohio (EDT) and not have the time show up 6 hours later once I get to my destination (CET). I found a place to enter a different time zone, then it isn't easy to look at it while I am planning because I have dinner reservations at 2 pm.

So, I want to enter an event for 8 pm and I want it to stay at 8 pm when I change time zones.

Any ideas?

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In your google calendar settings (under the gear symbol) there is a time zone section that lets you set a primary and secondary time zone and a check box to ask for it to update to your current location.
(this also means you need to let google apps track your location)
Then post events on your calendar at the actual time of the event, and keep your location your actual location.

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Here is the workaround that I use.

I enter the event using the correct timezone because I want it to be correct during travel. However, I will put the time in the title to help me with planning. For your example, I’d title the event ”8pm Dinner”, but I’d enter it as 8pm CET.

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Another option is to use the free TripIt app. It’s easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about time zones. You can also forward your reservation emails to it, and it will autopopulate them with address, etc.

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You might like to "add a time zone to your calendar."

This allows you to display 2 time zones, which will both show to the left of your calendar grid. While you are planning your CET trip, you can display that time zone. The CET entries will align correctly with the vertical CET timezone bar, while they'll be offset by 6 hours to your EDT timezone bar.

While you're in travel planning mode, you can keep both timezones displayed, or you can temporarily turn off EDT so that you only see CET. Then turn EDT back on when you're finished.

Add a time zone to your Google Calendar:

At the top, click the Settings (gear icon) and then select Settings from the menu.
On the left, click Time zone and check the Display secondary time zone box. (The primary time zone is where you live.)
Click the Secondary time zone field and select another time zone.
(Optional) To identify the time zone, add a label, such as Europe.

ETA: the steps above are for a laptop/desktop. If you're on your phone, use the same help page (as linked at the top of this reply) and follow the instructions on the tab for "Android" or "iPhone & iPad." On Android, you won't be able to display 2 timezones side by side, but you can easily switch back and forth, just as avirosemail descripted up thread.

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Thank you for your replies!

I just signed into my google calendar for some trip planning and was going to play around with Laura's and CW's suggestions. And lo and behold I saw something that I missed before.

I changed the title of my dinner reservations to include the time. Then I was going to change the time zone to CET so that it would be correct when I was in Paris. At the bottom of that screen it says "REMOVE TIME ZONES".

Hooray! Now there is no time zone associated with the events, so the time entry should read the same regardless of which time zone I am in, which is what I want it to do.

@Laura and CW, I hope you can use this for your planning.

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vandrabrud, I'm glad you found a solution that fits the way you want to see your calendar!!