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Currency conversion apps

Can anyone recommend an app they use that is quick and easy for currency conversions?

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Unless you are buying a large dollar item, just come up with a quick conversion in your head.

For better or worse, round liberally. For example, right now a euro costs $1.12. When there, just treat the price shown in euros to be the equivalent of a Dollar. Is it accurate? No, but in the end, given that some things are cheaper by value, and others more, it evens out. Pounds to Dollars, not quite as easy, $1.25 right now, but you could easily ignore the difference and scale back what seems "right" for what you are looking at. Those two cover most of Europe.

If you get to Eastern Europe, it gets a bit more complicated, but the strategy still holds. Pick an amount of local currency that relates to a Dollar, or even easier ten Dollars if that is applicable. For example, in Hungary, Forints are a ridiculous conversion at 287 Forints(or so) to the Dollar. Just round that up to 300 Forints to the Dollar, or 3000 Forints for $10. Accurate? no, Easy? Yes.

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I don't have a current conversion app on my phone. Euro to USD is easy enough that I can guess in my head. Otherwise, I just google "Euro to USD" and use whichever converter comes up first.

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I use the "Currency" app (not sure if you're Android or iPhone but on the iPhone app store just search "currency converter" and the app is actually just called "Currency" and has multiple currency symbols in white text on a green background.

What I like about it - no in-app purchases or upsells, and it works just fine offline so no data use required (but when you are connected to wifi or have data it can refresh exchange rates). Let's you have like 10 currencies displayed at any given time in case you're traveling to a bunch of places. You can easily see $1: exchange rates (just enter the 1.00 as the USD amount and it'll show you how that converts to whichever other currencies you have displayed), or click on any individual currency, input a value, and see the equivalent in USD (or vice versa).

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I use the XE app as well. I like it for its ease-of-use and historical look up feature.

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I use Units Plus app for currency conversion, weight, length, temperature. I have an iPhone.

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Just ask Siri. Even from across the room. "Hey Siri, 217 Swiss Franks in Canadian dollars" $291.15 Cdn is what she says at the moment. Close enough for me.

XE's app is the one I use. In my experience, XE (a Canadian company) and its website are widely used for business purposes in Europe when currency conversion is needed. Of course, one could also simply do an Internet search.

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I'm another one that uses the XE app. However, it updates frequently so requires an internet connection. I'm not sure if there's an offline version? If you plan to use that, be sure you have a data plan on your phone.

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I usually use Siri, although I’m good enough with the pound and the Euro that I don’t need a conversion these days.

Plus ,you’ll likely find yourself adapting quite quickly and won’t really need a converter for a the typical things tourists buy. Restaurant meals in the same class tend to be priced similarly, for example.

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I use "Easy Currency Converter" on Android. In the app store it's a blue background with the € symbol. (Free with ads.)

It shows current and historical conversion rates (either direction) between your selected currencies. It allows me to choose my "preferred currencies" (which I vary with each trip) that will show in the drop-downs.

It has settings for updates that include frequency and whether they will update via WiFI only.

One of the most popular currency conversion apps out there is XE Currency Converter. Its updated design makes the app a lot more appealing, and it’s also possible to send cash, but you will need to register for that. In the Compare tab you can even compare your provider’s price to the mid-market rate. This is what I know from a comment on apknite.