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Curling Iron in Eurpope

If I bring a universal curling iron, can I just bring an adapter or do I need a converter as well?

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I have a dual voltage curling brush by Conair that only needs a plug adapter to work in Europe.

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By all means get a dual voltage curling iron. Because of the high power consumption, you will need a transformer, making it a heavy item to carry, as well as expensive to buy.

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I get dual-voltage and then just bring appropriate adapter plug. One thing I used to forget was to check if there were switches for 120/220 ( or whatever the two voltages are) and the make sure It was switched correctly.

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Hi Kelli, you just need an adapter plug. Even on the proper setting they do seem to heat up faster and hotter so keep an eye on it.

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Make sure it's dual voltage. Most of the ones for sale these days are, but if you have an older one it may not be. DON'T use one that is not dual voltage - it's a good way to burn your hair off (this is the voice of experience:) You'll just need the adapter as long as it is dual voltage.

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My advice, buy one when you get there if you have the money, especially if you are going to go back at all.

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If its universal than it should have built in dual voltage. 110-220v Double check. If that's the case then you just need an adapter. Nice and easy no converter needed.