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Creating Phone numbers from other countries using Google Voice??

Before I make a mistake trying to set this up, I’d like to know if it’s possible, and if so, how.

In Ruth’s post, Andrew H mentions setting up a US phone number using Google Voice. My situation is different because my phone can be called by US-based people at no extra charge since it is a Google Fi phone.

What I need is a French phone number, so family and friends in France can contact me for free. Currenty, I use What’sAp or Messenger for calls with various people, but I’d like one phone number I can give everyone. Is it possible and if so, how? Thanks!

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I can answer my own question now, having researched on the Hangout site. FYI: It seems that Hangout Voice automatically uses my Project Fi phone number, so if I replace it with a French telephone number, I'll loose my US number and have to fetch a new one when I return from Europe. So WhatsApp and Messenger will remain my way of connecting with French friends and family. In a pinch, I can continue buying a sim and minutes for an old unlocked phone, if I need a local number.