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Creating an RS Tour Scrapbook

Hey everyone, happy holidays! May your new year bring plenty of spectacular travels! I am contemplating creating an RS Tour scrapbook for the first time. Can some of you suggest a good basic app or web site for creating a scrapbook? Something very user friendly, as I am definitely interested in spending my time and energy with my photos and creating the text, and NOT struggling with the technology. FYI I took my photos with a small digital camera, then imported them to "Photos" on my iMac. Thanks for any recommendations!

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A lot of folks use weebly. It's easy to use and it's free. That's what I used for my scrapbook in 2015. I'll use the same website for my 2017 scrapbook after my upcoming trip!


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Hi Larry:

Rankster is right. I see weebly alot when looking at the RS scrapbooks. Take a look at other scrapbooks, they somethings show what web site is used to creating the scrapbook. Looking forward to seeing your scrapbook. I love looking at everyones books!!! What tour did you take?

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It just depends on the type of scrapbook you want to create. I have used the Apple book site and also Shutterfly when i have wanted a physical book to hold. Both of these sites are user friendly and provide a great product. Although personally I prefer the apple site for the finished product and I do think it is a bit easier to navigate. Shutterfly does offer many embellishments to use as you create each page. Shutterfly is a bit less expensive and they frequently offer discount coupons. Again like I said this is if you want to create a physical scrapbook from your photo library. Last year I did a scrapbook in the form of a website to enter in the RS contest ( the entry needs to be in website form) and while it was a challenge as my first attempt, it is quite doable. But I do prefer the physical book that I can hold and enjoy and will probably stay with this format in the future. Which ever format you chose to use is fine, just be sure to do it. It will be a source of enjoyment for years to come as you relive your treasured memories.

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I tried to make a Turkey scrapbook some years ago and got sensory overload with all my photos - so the scrapbook never materialized. But, as a prior poster commented, it's worth looking at the winning scrapbooks from years past and checking out their functionalities and see which "template" suits you best. The company name is always somewhere in the small print at the bottom. I've found that there is quite a difference in usability and user-friendliness at least on the part of the viewer (if not the creator). Some scrapbook software applications are simple, rather basic scrolldowns with fairly rigid formatting and no real "wow" factor, while others have really nice flexible features (such as non-standardized formatting where you can embed different media including pics and videos) that make them much more fun to navigate. Some of the winning scrapbooks are so professional looking, one would be hard pressed to guess whether they were custom websites (I doubt it though, I think they just use really good software and the person did a fabulous job with the details including the written "filler" and the photos, as well as videos).

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Hi Larry, adding on to Pat's post, we use Walgreens Photo to make beautiful hardcopy scrapbooks. Very user friendly and quick turnaround. There's always a coupon/discount offer (they were 75% off a few weeks ago!). Great way to preserve your trip memories. Check it out!