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cover the number pad when using an ATM

just a reminder that to help defeat skimmers on ATMs, use your hand to cover the keypad while typing in your PIN.

The scanner can read your magnetic strip and may not be visible when using the ATM, but they still need your PIN in order to steal money from your account. They get this with a tiny camera somewhere on the ATM. If you cover the keypad then they can't get it.

A recent article about the new generation of thin skimmers (eg. less visible) is at

The takeaway is not to be alarmed when travelling, a simple step keeps you safe.

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I do this in LA, in the Valley and at every ATM in Europe John.

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I've been doing that for the last couple of decades, no matter where I am.

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Also if you can deactivate magnetic stripe transactions via your banking app.

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periscope, all the ATMs I used in Germany were contactless, which is very handy (and secure). Granted, I only used a couple since I paid for just about everything with a credit card, but it's good to know they are out there and becoming more prevalent.

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Hmmmm, I wonder if the ATM I used in Portugal today had a contactless feature. If so, I'd still have my card. Too late now.

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