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Coordinating Samsungs - photo backup & recharging

I'm a Galaxy fan - I have an S5 phone, a Galaxy S Tablet, and just got a Galaxy Camera 2. I really like the Smart Switch app which allows me to back-up the phone to the tablet easily and quickly. I just got the camera so don't know if it has that function too. One of my issues is that I love to take lots of pictures and tend load up the memory on both the phone and the tablet. I thought that I would be able to just back pics up via wifi to Dropbox or a photo service like Picasso while in Europe this summer. After reading some of the technology posts on here, I'm overwhelmed and thinking that won't work. Sounds like I might need a card reader and computer to back things up.

I'm not really tech savy. Can anyone explain to me the best way to backup my pics with these devices? I'm going on a month long trip to France, Italy, Switzerland and Adriatic Coast so will be taking LOTS of pictures. Can I do it via wifi or do I need hardware to physically back them up?

Also, what's the best way to recharge all these at once? I've looked in to some battery packs for Android devices because I'd like to have something to recharge my tablet during the day while I use it for RS's guides. Can these also be used as chargers for the three devices at night while it recharges itself?

Any suggestions on products or tech info would be greatly appreciated!

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I will have the same issues for our trip next month.

I have dropbox with about 50GB of memory. However, most people with the free dropbox only have about 5GB which is not very much. Also, I would be concerned about how you would upload from device to dropbox. Wifi can be spotty or very slow. Data plan would be very expensive.

I plan to bring my little netbook which has a built in card reader to allow me to download onto my netbook. I also like to organize/rename my photos as I go along each day.

If you do not want to carry a computer, I would suggest that you just buy high capacity memory cards. You can then take as many photos as you want.

Regarding charging, I plan to bring a couple of simple 5' extension cords. On the plug end, I will put on an EU adaptor. On the other end there are 3 outlets which can let me charge up to 3 devices at a time. I thought about using a power strip, but it is much heavier and I am a bit worried that the surge protection (only rated for 120v) may trigger with the 240 volts.

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What about something like this? I have something a little bigger because I have 2 camera battery chargers and hubby and I both have Samsung phones to charge. I bought a 3-in-1 Dell computer to manually upload my pics via the card reader. It's only 11.6" and is very light. We will be in europe for 24 days. I have 4-32gb SD cards and am hoping I won't have to reuse them.....but who am I kidding? I'm thinking I should buy more (I shoot in RAW).

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Not OP but how do you use Amazon Prime to backup unlimited photos? I suppose sketchy wifi at hotels could become an issue....still another option.