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Comfortable Earbud Recommendations Please

Hi everyone! I'm looking for your recommendation on comfortable ear buds. I'm willing to to spend, not a lot, but I guess more than normal for earbuds if they are super comfortable. I find they are always too large for me and after a day my ear starts to hurt. Thanks!!

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I recently made my own using custom ear plug molds that I bought on amazon. There are videos on YouTube on how to do it, just google diy custom earbuds. I have trouble with earbuds fitting, and I wanted some that were noise cancelling. They work great and are very comfortable. You just need the ear plug molds, ear buds with a stem (not the apple kind), a drill and bit, and an exacto knife.

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I normally don't like earbuds. But I have a pair of Bose noise cancelling ones similar to the ones mentioned above. I keep them in for hours without discomfort.

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Be careful shopping for earbuds. My husband bought me a nice, moderately priced pair of noise canceling earbuds thinking I could use them to watch in-flight movies. Unfortunately they were bluetooth and had no way to connect a standard single earphone plug to the plane's system. The ones others have recommended here aren't bluetooth so you should be fine.

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None of the ones mentioned are noise cancelling. If you want Bose noise cancelling earbuds be prepared to pay much, much more.

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I don't need noise cancelling, just something comfortable. Thanks so much all!