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CityMaps2Go Weekend specail

CityMaps2Go is offering a special this weekend on their premium plan for only $10. I was wondering if this is a good deal or a gimmick?

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I've used the CityMaps2Go practically every time I travel to Europe, it's been great so far. I like that it works off line so I can leave my phone in airplane mode. It;\'s nice to know that where ever I'm at I'm never lost and can find my way back to the hotel.

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I'm wondering
1. Is this app a Subscription plan? Or a 1-time purchase for $10.00? and
2. Does anyone know the difference between the regular and the pro versions? is the pro version worth it?


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Unless they've changed something in the last year, it is a one-time purchase. You can then download as many maps as will fit on your device. I'm afraid I can't tell you what extra features you get with the Pro plan. That information should be on the website, I'd think.

I am not totally satisfied with CityMaps2GoPro, which I've used during several lengthy trips to Europe. I've never had data on my phone or tablet in Europe. The app worked better in 2018 than in 2017 (which is when I think the new version was released). In 2017 it was quite buggy. I had maps disappear from the screen for minutes at a time, and the You Are Here dot positioned me in Paris for 15-30 minutes when I was actually on Jersey in the Channel Islands. I know the app isn't responsible for the accuracy of the GPS data, but I can't imagine that the Paris/Jersey confusion was a GPS issue, and I had last been in Paris (and only briefly) more than a week earlier.

By last year it was more a matter of the app not recognizing names of sights even when I had spelled them as well as possible given the limitations of the keyboard on my device; the Search function needs to be better. There have also been numerous times when the app couldn't find a street I was looking for, yet the street name was right there on the map when I zoomed in and looked with my own eyes.

It's entirely possible the app works better at major destinations; perhaps they have more robust indexes loaded for places like London and Paris. I spend a lot of my time in smaller cities. The app appears to have a much, much smaller database of sights and street names than Google does. CityMaps2Go maps are easier to preload, though; you do that country-by-country. It's possible that embedding Google-level data in a whole-country map would make the map very large compared to the memory available on a smartphone.

Despite my concerns, I think $10 is a very reasonable amount of money to test out CityMaps2Go. Most of the time I'm just using it to make sure I'm following an efficient path between two points whose general location I know (such as from my hotel to a museum), so I'm monitoring the progress of the blue dot. For that purpose I find it very useful..I have no need to use an app for driving because I use public transportation.