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City Mapper App is great!

I have to admit to not always being leading edge, or even following edge, when it comes to technology adaption. I had read about City Mapper on this site and went ahead and downloaded it. It has been so useful here in London. We easily find the bus stop, know which bus to take, when the next one is expected, and can track the bus’ progress along its route.

I recommend this app, even if you aren’t leading edge……

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We used it in London earlier this year. I totally agree with you. It's a must have. Very easy to use. It gives several options & time to destination. Bus/Tube/walk/drive Has the little icon to lead you to your stop

We used in NYC as well. One of our Rick Steve's travel group gave us the low down before we left for London

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Carol, I so agree with you!! I’m not leading edge either by any means….but Kim from Paris kept saying how great it was and she was right! I used it a lot in Paris.

I’ve always been a paper map gal but I might be converted!

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Pam suggested I use Citymapper while in Paris, and it worked much better for me than Google maps. I also used it to map the walk to our lodging in Chartres. The biggest downside I see so far is there are places I've checked that are not yet available on the app. Thanks for the tip, Pam!