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Charging iPhone and kindle

I am so confused. I am going to Germany, Austria and Scotland.
The only electronic devices I am taking is an IPhone and a Kindle.
Do I need to buy an adapter OR an adapter that also converts?

Also, can I plug my usb cord in anywhere over there without an adapter or converter?
Thank you!

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All you need is an adapter plug for your chargers. Just make sure it says 110-240v.

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You will need a plug adapter everywhere. You never see a European socket in North America, so there should be no expectation of finding a North American one over there.

Look on your chargers and you will see something like this: "input 120-240 VAC, 50-60 HZ". It will work fine over there.

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As Frank mentioned, a plug adaptor will be fine.

Also, the USB alone would work - you won't need any kind of converter for that. The USB will handle conversion to the global USB standard regardless.

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Look at the charger for your device ( if you're like me you might need a magnifying glass). It should say 110-240 on it. This means it's dual voltage and can handle European current. No converter needed. The charger will need an adaptor to fit the European outlets and a different one for Scotland. If there is a USB outlet, then you can just plug directly jnto that - you don't need an adaptor.

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I just returned from 39 days in Europe including the U.K. As others have said, you need both European and U.K adapter plugs only, no "voltage converter." I purchased 2 of each adapter plugs on amazon, they performed perfectly. Be sure you remove your adapter plug and store it every time you use it, sometimes they "stick" in the local outlet and can be forgotten/lost. I store my adapter plugs either inside a packed shoe (the U.K ones are quite large) or in my Waterfield electronics pouch (along with power bricks & plugs, stick battery pack, and cords).

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The OEM Apple chargers are made for dual voltage and automatically convert, so the plug/outlet adapters are all you need. We've never had a problem.

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The days of converters have long passed, all our new gadgets are designed for the world and their chargers work everywhere with the right plug adapters. Don't assume, buy a set of every type of adapter so you're ready.

USBs are also standard all over the world. And don't forget to take your chargers and adapters onto trains and planes since they often have plugs nowadays.