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Charging FreeStyle Libre 2 in Europe

I need help charging my FreeStyle Libre 2 reader (for diabetes) in Europe. Is it like all new technology (smart phones, tablets, cameras) in that you only need a plug adaptor to make it work? In other words, it converts itself to Europe's wattage? Thanks for any help and others' experience.
Mary Kate

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The one in our house charges from a USB port.

Customer service

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The phone app for Libre 2 is now available. If you are taking a smartphone, use that and reduce your devices.

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“Dual voltage” is the term for electronics that can handle both US voltage and voltage overseas. Sometimes there is a sticker on the item that indicates the input as “AC100-240v”. If your charger has this sticker, then you are ok and you only need the plug adaptor.

I agree with the suggestion of the app. The fewer devices to carry around the better!

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I posted the original question. I called customer service, and after some searching, they found that, yes, using a plug adaptor I could plug the reader in to charge it. This I did and it was just like all new technology--phones, cameras, etc., it adapts to the wattage.