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Cardless Access to ATMs in Europe

So here in the US, I don't use a physical ATM card to get cash from my bank's ATM. I have my debit card in my Apple Wallet and use it at Bank of America ATMs to get cash. Are NFC readers at ATMs prevalent in Europe?

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They exist in the UK.

Are they prevalent? I don't know because I use contactless cards. In the past two years, I've never needed to withdraw cash from an ATM.

From reading what my Nat West bank says you need a Nat West app (and account) to withdraw cash from Nat West machines. So while the technology is here, your BOA account isn't.

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Never heard of such a thing in France. And contactless purchase is capped to €50 here.

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The most common cardless withdrawal method in the UK is via a PIN using the bank's phone app. So it has to be the same bank (or within the same group) to work.

There are also ATMs that work contactless but I don't know any that work for accounts not with the same bank as the ATM.