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Can I use the same SIM card in more than one country?

Planning a trip to Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway this coming summer. If we buy SIM cards for our phones in the Netherlands, will we be able to use them in Denmark and Norway, or do we have to buy new cads each time we go to a new country?

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Purchase the Orange SIM. Do it on Amazon before you fly, and when you land, it is good for a number of countries. Here's the link.

You turn off your phone on the plane and before landing, remove your regular SIM card and replace it with the Orange SIM. Easy peasy,

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I might say put the SIM in on landing
Always the danger it might " roam" on a UK network as phones are often updating in the background

Another Brexit bonus for us lucky Brits ,more expensive data/ calls

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I bought a Vodafone NL SIM on eBay several years ago and have used it in France and Italy -- I send a text from that SIM every six months to keep the number active. Vodafone UK has a similar SIM (easier to use because the instructions are in English, not Dutch.)

I have an old phone carried just for that SIM.

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With a European SIM you can't make or receive international calls.

It depends what kind of SIM you get.

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I have a European SIM (several in fact, for various phones and different providers) and can make international calls. Beyond Europe they are expensive, but I can call anywhere in the world. YMMV