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Calling on a mobile phone in Europe

I am making a trip to Ireland next week and have a question about calling while I am there.... I am pretty inept with my iphone, so bear with me! I understand that to call Ireland from the US I dial 011.353.863XXXXXX. But, if I am in Ireland how do I call an Irish phone from my mobile? Do I still need the international code (011) and the country code (353)? Or, do I just dial the local phone number? Or something else? If it matters, I have Verizon and will be using mostly wifi and the daily charge for this call. Thanks for your help!

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Martha, first, realize that on mobile phones, almost everyone uses a + instead of the 011 now for international dialing. (So when you see numbers written out...that's what the + in front means). To get a plus on your phone's dial pad, hold down the 0 key until a + appears.

So to call Ireland from the US, dial +353-863-xxxxxxx . Much easier once you start looking at it this way.

If you are IN Ireland, to call Ireland form your US cell phone, you should be able to call an Irish number exactly the same way. Europe, WhatsApp is very popular and free. If you sign up for that now and learn how to use it (install an app on your phone, etc.) then when you get to Ireland, you can probably use it to contact people in Ireland that way, without needing to pay for Verizon service that day (if that's the only reason you wanted it - to make that call).

If you install the Google Voice app on your phone before you leave, you can also make free calls to US numbers (even to landlines) while in Ireland on WiFi, using the Google Voice app. Just keep your phone in Airplane Mode and turn on WiFi, so you don't accidentally use the mobile service and incur the daily Verizon charge. You can try that before you leave the US.

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Easiest is to add the number in the format Andrew gives ie +353-863-xxxxxxx and add it to your contacts. Select the contact and everything happens automatically.

WhatsApp is good but both you and the recipient must have the app on their phones.

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Thanks Andrew and ramblin! I just added the number with the + to my contacts! I will hope for the best. This is the only call I plan to make so don't think I need the other apps. I will keep in touch with family and friends via wifi and emails.

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If you travel a lot or planning on traveling switch to T-Mobile and many of the problems, go away. If you live around a T-Mobile store, go on in and talk to them.

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FYI learned to install WhatsApp on my iphone 5 years ago when staying at an AirBnB rental. Property owner had moved to London from Beijing and used WhatsApp to stay in touch with family.

I now use it to video chat and text with friends living in London. I’m in California.

The app is free and if your family members uploaded it you could use it without cost to keep in touch while you are traveling.

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Second the T-Mobile suggestion. Just changed from AT&T to T-Mobile, totally seamless during two weeks in Italy. Especially if you are a "senior" like us deal seems unbeatable.