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Best SIM option for use in Switzerland and surrounding countries

Though I've been a lurker for a while here, this is my first posting. :-)

I'll be going to Switzerland in May for 3.5 weeks and had planned to buy a SIM here to use in my older, unlocked iPhone while there. Though based in Switzerland, I'll also be in Italy for a week and may go to France or Germany for short periods as well? The last time I was in Switzerland (I have family & friends there), I bought a SIM from Swisscom that was used in my prior unlocked phone. That worked out great but I did not travel outside Switzerland. This time I will. My intent was to try and keep in contact with friends in the US primarily via text message alone as that way I could also send them the odd photo as well. Though I will be calling people in Switzerland, calling the US is less important but being able to stay in touch via text is. Other than SMS, I will use the phone mainly for map and transit purposes but not for streaming entertainment or social media access.

Since Switzerland isn't a member of the EU, I'm aware that data on any Swiss based providers SIM won't transfer outside the country without also incurring roaming charges. I have seen others here refer to getting an EU based SIM from Orange or Vodafone and wonder if that might be my best option here?


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I think your best option is Google Fi, which works globally. You pay for usage and can freeze the service when you don't need it.