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Best SIM Card to Get in France?


I have an unlocked GSM Samsung Galaxy S4 phone that I plan to use in France.

I will make local calls only occasionally, but mostly will use data.

Anyone has idea about where to shop for SIM cards or the best SIM card to use in France?

I prefer prepaid SIM cards.


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I dare say others will be along soon.
Lebara do packages.
120mins call time +1 GB, valid over 30 days is €15.
Didn't check. if that inc calls to US but they can be had for maybe 10/15c a minute too

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Last time I checked, labara was only 2G data and their prices are low to reflect that. If you are a typical American mobile data user, that may seem too slow.

The only experience I have is with lefrenchmobile which supports 3G and 4G where it is available and we could usually get google maps working to guide us around. Some narrow streets in the old town sections didn't get reception, though, but all the buildings were brick or stone so not much signal gets through. Paper map for backup is a good idea. Tripadvisor, yelp and web browsing were good when the signal was good.

Lefrenchmobile mailed us our SIMs to the USA for a low fee and we were up and running as soon as we exited the plane.

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3g now, also had an offer of doubling of allowance to 2GB with the €20 the 120mins calls inc US