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best SIM card for phone in Paris for a few days- help please

my daughter will be traveling alone , staying in paris for nearly a week. when in london, last week, she bought an inexpensive sim card for her phone with about 10 gig of data and numerous calls. does anyone know of a similar sim card that she can purchase in paris?
her phone is unlocked and by having lots of data she can use VIBER to call/message home at any time. instead of looking for free wifi. or calling/texting international numbers. ( her home sim is too expensive on roaming)

she doesn't want to waste time looking around in Paris for a sim , if we can get good information beforehand.

do companies like SFR and orange etc have a sim like this? if so, were is the best place to find out?

any help would be much appreciated.

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The UK sim may allow her to roam. Check with dealer. May have to activate a roaming feature on the sim and add some £ credit while still in UK. May be cheaper and easier than buying a French sim just for a few days.

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thanks for that,but she is traveling on a bus around europe and will be in paris in a week or so.
so perhaps any sim that will work well in europe? that is easy to buy while on the 'road'.