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Best Public Transportation Route Planner for Edinburgh

I saw a similar thread for using a route planner app in London. I wanted to offer up a suggestion for Edinburgh in case anyone is looking for a similar app for Edinburgh.

We just returned from a 2-week trip throughout the UK. This included 3 days and 2 nights in Edinburgh. Edinburgh was the first town in the UK where our trip required using public transportation.

I'd highly recommend the app (Android) called, "Transport for Edinburgh" by Lothian buses. I pre-set "home" to be the B&B where we were staying. This made it extremely easy from anywhere in the city to simply say, take me home.

This is the only app I used that helped navigate the walking portions of the route as well as transfers at bus stops if needed. So, from any point in our travels I could navigate to other attractions or back to "home", the B&B where we were staying. The app would give me directions to the nearest bus stop, offer a choice of bus routes including transfers when necessary, and then give me walking directions from the last bus stop to our B&B.

Route selections included total travel time as well as total walking time. So, we could make the decision to walk less or have an overall shorter travel time. Sometimes it was worth the shorter walking time with an extra amount of time waiting for the next bus instead of walking a bit longer to catch a bus leaving sooner.

NOTE: There are downsides to using navigation in Edinburgh and other big cities anywhere. Be prepared for what I call GPS bounce. Occasionally it appears that you are walking a different direction or in a slightly different location. I believe that this is due to GPS signals bouncing in through the skyscrapers surrounding you. To get around this, walk to the next street corner where [presumably] there's a larger gap to the sky. Movement is also necessary sometime for Google Maps to update your location and direction. So, don't be embarrassed or reluctant to move one way only to turn around and walk right past those same people at the sidewalk cafe that you just passed. If they've even noticed, just smile and crack on! :-)

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