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best flight ear plugs

Anyone have experience with ear plugs on the plane my husband needs the best you can recommend for relieving the pressure and then the best one for sound for me.


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For the first part, nothing can relieve pressure excepting yawning, valsalva, etc.

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Re pressure. My experienced coincides with Ed's. I'd add that I pack OTC decongestants for the in case situation. That said apparently 1% of AA Flight Attendants suggest pressure ear plugs:

Re sound. Effectiveness will depend on conformity to the ear canal. One downside for me is that by filtering out ambient engine and air turbulence noise, annoying conversation becomes more distinct. I was on an overnight flight a row from a woman who did not stop talking all night. I should have removed the ear plugs to let the pink or grey noise mask the continuous chatter.

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My ear canal shape will not hold an ear plug. But for sound, I'm able to sleep well by combining my noise-cancelling headphones with an Apple shuffle loaded with quiet relaxing music. The music will usually help block out the conversation noise.