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Best choice for ipad mini nano sim card in Europe & US

Has anyone looked into which carrier (European or US) gives the best choice for ipad mini (with retina display) nano sim cards rates, data plans, etc. (without roaming)? Looking into using an ipad mini for travel across different countries with a pay-as-you-go plan for finding locations, looking up sites, booking tickets online, maps, etc. I can use wifi at the hotels and public wifi sites but if I'm out, I would like the covenience of being able to use the ipad without wifi.


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i think we get the shaft in terms of cost in the USA.

look at

in terms of rates for PAYG. You can look at some of the providers and see what charges there are. mind you its in BPS.

what i like about the non USA PAYG sims is that i can buy data time when i want it. on my T mobile plan i have to buy a monthly sub as i have now or im just screwed. i have a PAYG and monthly thru T too.

Look at Ts 50 USD/Month international plan. They just upped the data to 1 G/month. when you use it up, youre down to 2G.

just a personal comment. i get both since there are no guarantees in life including free wi-fi or access to it. data/cellular the same. But im hedging my bet that i can get one or the other.

also, check your carrier for what they offer.

happy trails.

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You might be over-thinking the situation.

There's a work-around for everything you've mentioned except booking tickets (which probably wouldn't happen during the day, anyway): use screen shots gathered while on wifi.

You could well decided that lugging a tablet around all day is a pain in the tail and leave the thing stashed somewhere.

You could leave with nothing.

. If you find that you really, really need cellular data, you can call your carrier and add it to whatever plan you have. (ATT gives you clumps of 120mb for thirty bucks a month each.)

. Optionally, you can walk into any phone store and get a sim. They'll be able to tell you what the best deal is for your needs. If you get one for one country, do what Dave said and burn it out while roaming in another country prior to buying something else.