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Anyone had good luck with aloSIM eSIM? Or not so good?

I know we here on the forum are boosters of Airalo for eSIM use,
but how about the brand aloSIM ?

Anyone have any experience to report with it?
I'm asking because there's a good deal through the end of the year to get $50 in data credit on a new aloSIM for just $19.97;
note that I'm not trying to promote any company or product, just want to learn if anyone has tried out this one.

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No one has mentioned using aloSIM here as far as I know, and I follow the eSIM threads pretty closely (plus I did a search). The only mention was from a previous thread that I posted based on some info from a fellow member, that talked about its sister company Hushed. No one had used aloSIM, though, and it was pointed out that any eSIM would work for this particular method. You might want to try looking on the Reddit eSIM subreddit.

At any rate, here's the thread I mentioned above:

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Yes I've used it. My first experience using an eSim . NZ resident, but that's irrelevant, my phone is an iPhone SE which is the relevant part - allows one physical SIM and one eSIM.

I was going to go with airalo (they do more advertising) - but we had an odd set of requirements including swapping back and forth between Canada/USA plus Greenland ( many don't cover it) and Iceland. Alosim pretty much had identical pricing per a country as Airalo, but had a better region which allowed 1 sim to cover both Canada/USA.

Why I recommend though is that we did have issues activating it on my partner's phone - the initial USA sim worked but he needed to swap to a Canada SIM and we couldn't get it to work. Courtesy of a cafe's wifi (we were crusing which is a whole other layer of complexity) they spend some time with me on chat trying to fix the issue and then refunded the sim he'd purchased and he got a new one that worked. I don't know what the initial problem was but I was impressed they fixed it.

If you are not familiar with esims take some time to watch the videos before travelling but short version you can install and activate the sim before arrival - then when you turn off airplane mode on arrival it should turn on and work.

Summary - I'll use them again unless I can get a cheaper price with a different esim provider. I also noticed that they have good packages of European countries which is going to work for us.

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FWIW, i tried alosim accidentally (mistook it somehow for airalo that had been recommended. Didn't work (pixel 7), doing manual set up. Figured i messed up, so bit the bullet, deleted the esim, and bought a second one, this time using the QR code to install. Still Refused to connect to AT&T network. Since i was on holiday in vegas and didnt want to fuss around, went for a third esim, bit with AIRALO this time. Worked first time exactly as expected, no complications.
Maybe i did something stupid...but i wont touch alosim again. Airalo, for 3 of us (pixel 7s , iPhone), simply worked exactly as advertised. No muss no fuss.