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Anyone familiar with Verizon's travel plan?

Hello, we won't be heading out for almost a year but I was wondering if anyone has a story to tell about Verizon global travel service.

We won't be in any one country for more than 4 days and will be going to: Ireland, Britain, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and top it off with a Celebrity Cruise of the Mediterranean.

I don't care too much about voice service, but I really want to be able to use data freely for our trip. (google maps, navigator, RS forum, etc..)

Matt & Shannon.

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While you will certainly get replies now, it's important to re-ask this question closer to your trip. Phone plans (like all technology matters) change all the time, and information that's current now may be totally different a year from now.

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Contact Verizon about this. I recently read they are making changes that could be beneficial for data users. As someone else said, the options could be better closer to when you take your trip.

Be sure to call the GLOBAL people. Anyone who answers the general number is not likely to give you correct answers. Trust me. This is the voice of experience. And be sure to talk to them about the time you will be on the ship. I have also read that using your phone on board for anything is outrageously expensive, so you will want to combine what you learn from Verizon with what you learn by talking to the cruise people.

We have added Verizon travel packages to our phones since 2009. We have used them in all the countries you mentioned. We always use Wi-Fi where we stay. It's ubiquitous these days. We occasionally use it in ordinary cafes. Many have it there. We have religiously avoided using data due to the cost, but the possibility of Verizon making it reasonable is definitely of interest to me and I'll check that out before our next trip. From what I read, you have to have a 4G phone to get that option.

We use our Verizon android Moto X phones a lot, have set up Wi-Fi hotspots using them and subscribe to 10 gigs of data per month. I'm hoping that by the time we take our next trip, using that data (which we pay for whether or not we use it) will be possible overseas, either by using our phones as Wi-Fi hotspots or mainlining it.

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We just used it for a trip to Italy. Unfortunately, the data is the sticky wicket. For $40 per month, you get 100 minutes of voice, 100 text messages and 100 MB of data. That's MB and NOT GB. Additional data can be purchased for $25 per 100 MB. That's not a lot of data. We relied on WiFi for most of our data needs. We also found a cool tip for google Maps - if you open the app while on WiFi, it will keep track of where you are without having to use data. To do this, make sure you have your data turned "off" on the phone.

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Let me second the recommendation to only deal with the global department. The regular operators seem to be under pressure to deal with this plan themselves, and they don't know what they're doing (based on my experience in multiple trips). You have to pressure them to get through to the global department. After twice showing up in Europe with a dead phone because of their incorrect setup, I've had no further problems because I've bullied my way to the global department.

I also have used their data plan. Two $25 increments of data (100 MB each, I believe) got me through a 4-week trip for email and occasional info on sites I visited. I stay in convents or very simple hotels that often lack or have marginal Wi-Fi. If you stay at hotels with reliable Wi-Fi, your data needs would be less.

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We just had the $40.00 a month plan that Verizon offered for our trip to Italy. It worked out fine. We were there for 17 days and never went over the plan amount. But we are not big phone users on vacation. We use every thing but sparingly. I would call Verizon and talk to them. These plans change from year to year so hopefully what you find out now will be the same next year. And we have an Iphone 5. We have been using the Verizon International plan for years and this is the cheapest we have ever had.

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Another vote for calling the Verizon Global people from someone who thought they could do it locally. Fortunately, I had looked it and had a rough idea about rates, so when the local people started quoting rates that were much higher, I got them to call the global people. I thought they were going to charge me $40 fee twice as we were going to 2 countries,but it was the flat fee for both. And, they actually turned it on and off the dates they said they would!

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I use T-Mobile. One of the reasons I do is because it has always been 4G, while Verizon was 3G/CDMA.
(I am not tech savvy so my terms may lack exactness)
But the bottom line was I could use my phone internationally, but with Verizon I could not.
I do not take their travel plan. Instead I use WiFi,along with a local prepaid sim card.
If I use T-Mobile to reach someone in the U.S. or locally I use text because text messages are free, incoming or outgoing.