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Anyone familiar with MIFI?

I will be travelling in Italy for about a month and would like to utilize an IPad for Skyping to US, GPS for navigating, and accessing email. I noticed a product advertised as MIFI offered by a company called Cellular Abroad. Has anyone used it with good results? I noticed all the reviews on their website were posted in 2012, nothing more recent than that. Any thoughts or information??

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In essence MIFI is a device that will let you use multiple device with one cellular connection -it is kind of like your own personal hotspot. The only problem with these devices is that you would need a cellular plan and that could be costly. THe benefits of these MIFI devices is that you can use multiple devices with it. But if you are just taking an ipad - would you not want to use iton WIFI where you can find it - You did not say whether it was cellular enabled but if not this may be an option.
I like you have looked at Cellular Abroad and I have seen some very bad reviews so I am not too sure whether using them would bve a good option

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Thanks for your reply, Jeff. My iPad will be cellular enabled, though I wasn't aware that I would need to purchase a cellular plan if I were to rent a Cellular Abroad MiFi. I thought that was what the rental covered. But, I'm quite a newbie at all this communication technology.

I noticed another post regarding utilizing an iPad (mini in this case) for a month in Italy and she expressed good results using a SIM card purchased at a TIM store. I'm going to follow up more on that approach.


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But the bigger question is why do you need a cellular access when you can do everything except GPS with wifi? If you need GPS access, then bring a GPS from home with European maps. Cheaper if lost or stolen. Unless you can get a deep discounted plan for the cellular the data download for GPS will be expensive. Probably more than the price of a GPS unit.